Das läuft bei mir derzeit rauf und runter im Auto

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This is a countdown I´m planning to leave
I´m heading out of this town I´m sick of the beef
I been wandering too long before it gets bad
I´m packing my memories and it´s time to

Move on cruise on, maybe in the wrong direction
Baby I´ll be – hands on the steering wheel

It´s too late – it´s too fake
But I´ve got nothing to lose
Check mate – no hate
Hell I´ve got nothing to prove

6...5...one chance to stay alive
4...3...but i can hardly breathe
countdown to insanity
goodbye reality
2...1...tic toc
let's go

If your problems are homegrown, it´s time to cut back
Turn off your cell phone come joining the pack
Get out of your mad routine a change is to come
Life is a solitaire so you´ve got to